Is Jujubelle Network Marketing A Good Business Model

11 Nov 2013 12:55

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Doing business on the net is filled with many opportunities for mistakes, and inconsistency with your overall approach has to be a significant one. We do not know why this topic does not get more awareness because it is definitely deserving of it. One particular thing is positive, if you are not consistent with the strategy you perform your marketing and advertising, then your business will be affected for it. Underlying the reasons to take notice to this pertains to the way humans look at their environment and then react to it. Whenever our experiences may not be what we imagine, based mostly on prior experience, then it brings about uneasiness and can certainly without conscious thought seem irrational. When these circumstances come about, the typical reaction is to move away from it, and the response is identical if it takes place in your marketing.

One normal facet of online marketing where this influence is highly prevalent concerns squeeze pages and a different site. Very often a business will drive traffic to a squeeze page to gain contact information. One frequent experience is to be delivered to a site after entering our contact information. The business person behind it has the option to reveal a site or hold out until later. The concept and practice of consistency will enter into play here in a fairly significant manner.

The general, typically unknown, feeling encountered by the prospect will be affected by the style and overall color pattern of the squeeze page and the subsequent site that is viewed. The idea of inconsistency comes into play if the two sites are completely different, and the net outcome is to trigger the reader to have a sense of discomfort. The apparent answer to this is just make the squeeze page much more like the following site that is seen.

Let's take a look at something that many affiliate marketers contend with. Review sites are common because they can be very effective, and the usual scenario is for a review page to have a minimum of one outgoing link to a vendor site, if not more. Needless to say you cannot accommodate all the various vendor sales page designs. However you can design your review site in neutral terms that work to blend well with various other sites. It is easy to prevent an uncomfortable problem between designs and colors, and you can have something that is somewhat neutral looking. We realize there will be certain interpretation concerned in this situation. So the best solution is to at least try to decrease the contrast as much as achievable.

Another critical area concerns how you talk to your readers and subscribers if you have them. Generally speaking, the majority of people are constant and regular in the approach they talk to people. However you can induce problems in what you advertise to any audience if it represents an unusual or significant departure from what they're used to receiving from you. This takes place to some degree, but it is not anything we would call rampant or a widespread situation. But it does occur, and the significant point is that you are now knowledgeable of it and can very easily avoid this sales killer.

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