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11 Nov 2013 07:54

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Article marketing has been around for a long time now and is being successfully used by many people to promote and get targeted exposure for their website or blog. This is the reason for the multitude of articles on the Internet which cover such a wide variety of subjects. This marketing technique is being employed by Internet marketers, webmasters and hobbyists alike to have quality traffic coming their way. This technique requires continual effort and patience to succeed rather than a one-time effort that continues to work without maintenance. It's not a given fact that more visitors automatically come from publishing more articles, as some people believe. This view overlooks the fact that articles must be well-written and accurate if you want them to convert well.

You won't see the increased traffic you desire if your article isn't written to target your niche. So it's essential for you to remember the importance of high quality and accuracy when you turn out articles on a regular basis. Below, we'll explore some excellent and proven article marketing techniques to start off your campaign.

An ebook that is a compilation of your quality articles is a good marketing idea. Yes, that's correct! Good articles that pertain to your niche can be easily compiled into an ebook and put to use as a marketing tool. Because the investment of effort and time have already gone into the construction of your articles, it's only sensible to get even more use out of them. Creating the ebook should not take very long and can then be distributed through many internet options such as your website, blog, customer/subscriber list, email lists, etc. Of course you'll need to give readers the distribution rights, so that the articles can be forwarded to family, friend, colleagues, and others. You can also make the ebook brandable so that the reader can customize it with his own links. This is an effective viral marketing technique that can give some great results. If your ebook's content is interesting and helpful, it will spread like wildfire because people enjoy sending free things to others, especially if it's valuable information. Make sure to specifically state to your readers that they are free to share the ebooks with their subscribers and visitors. Watch your traffic increase after you give readers the keys to promote the ebook.

You can also use RSS feeds to syndicate your articles and spread them around to interested people. RSS has gained a lot of ground in the past few years and people have used it effectively to get exposure for their content. If your article is syndicated on one site, it will be re-syndicated on other sites as well. If your content is of high quality and gives something tangible to the reader it could go viral and reach even more people! Another strategy is to allow subscriptions to the RSS feed on your website or blog, which automatically alerts people when you add new articles. And, as the number of individuals who are becoming adept at using the internet, grows, RSS will also grow and increase in effectiveness.

All in all, article marketing is the only marketing method you need if you're starting out on a low budget. The primary benefit of article marketing is the fact that your articles will be attracting traffic to your website for many years. This is literally a one time effort that will bring you continuous benefits a long ways into the future.

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