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29 Sep 2013 15:37

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Most people, when they are trying to get traffic to their website, turn to traffic methods that simply don't work. Some of those traffic methods a lot of website owners use are traffic exchange programs. Traffic exchange programs are actually not a good means to get site traffic. The traffic that you obtain from the different traffic exchanges is not the kind of traffic that produces sales. It will get you traffic but the traffic will not ordinarily help you make sales of what you are promoting. You can find other forms of traffic that can actually bring in sales and these programs are all over the Internet, you only need to know where to look for them.

Leads Leap is one of those website trafic programs that can really drive targeted traffic. Leads Leap is a program that will basically allow you to place your ads all over their blog. You have two choices when you join this traffic program. Your first choice is to register at no cost and refer others and you will earn credits that will be used for displaying your ads. When you join, you will also be given the option of taking their paid membership. If you believe that being a paid member is worth it (which it is), you should sign up for the paid membership when you join instead of waiting to upgrade later. The good thing about the paid option is you will find that you get traffic without referring, but if you decide to refer people as a paid member, you will not only be getting more advertising but you will also earn a commission on anyone that you refer if they upgrade.

Free Traffic Bar is one other program that can get you targeted website traffic. Like Leads Leap, you will have a few options on memberships when you sign up. Free members can earn free advertising by merely surfing the Internet as they normally do an you don't have to refer other people in order to get your advertising credits. If you do opt to refer new members, in your down line you will accumulate advertising credits when they earn credits. Free Traffic Bar has a couple of different paid memberships and you will be given a certain amount of advertising credits monthly depending on what membership you pay for.

In addition, by using a program called My Huge List, you will be able to build a mailing list of people that you can send your offers to. My Huge List is not your conventional list building type of program. As with the two programs above, you will find that there is a paid and a free membership. Unlike other list builders, you will only receive a maximum of 10 emails every 2 to 5 days. This is because you only have a total of 10 people in your up line that can email you. If you belong to other list builders, you will see that My Huge List is not going to fill your mailbox with hundreds or even thousands of emails every day. And members that you brought in will also be helping you to build your mailing list all the way down to 10 levels.

Hence as you have learned through this article, making use of traffic exchanges is not a way to get good traffic, but you can find other traffic programs that will get you the high targeted traffic you want. While the traffic programs cited are a terrific way to get started, you will be able to find other programs that can also help you generate even more traffic. One thing you need to remember when you are trying to look for traffic programs is that the more expensive programs don't always get you more or even better website traffic. Many of the less expensive programs can get you more and better traffic than their more expensive competitors.

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