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03 Oct 2013 19:05

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Much research has been done on successful people in business to discover what they have in common. Even though they might have come from lots of different places, they have quite a lot in common. It isn't that surprising since you can apply these same habits to lots of other areas in your life. Generally, individuals know where they are found lacking. And while it may be hard to accept, for you it's important to realize you're not alone. If you want to build a business that is genuinely successful you need to fix your inner game.

One of the most prominent Internet based businesses is the one that is focused the most on its customers. That business is Amazon, and that fact is evident in many ways. This philosophy is called being customer centric—placing your customers at the center of your business. If you give your customers everything that you can, everything else will take care of itself.

Plenty of factors come into play here, but it is important that you understand your customers and the things that you need. You should also create the means for dialogue, like feedback mechanisms and listening to the different things that they say to you. Obviously, you also have to provide the things that actually make sense and what is actually possible.

It really doesn't matter what type of business you do, everyone sees that their day flies by, their business consuming every minute that they have. Typically, people that are in these positions work 70 or 80 hours a week. This is not sustainable by any means. Seek balance in your business life which also means having it in your life because work is a part of it. The only way you will be able to perform at your best at work is if you have this type of balance in your life. Better time management is something that will help you transition into a much more equitable situation. So if you want to have a healthy life, a life worth living, balance must always be achieved.

During the beginning days of your business, when you are working hard to develop highly successful habits, make sure you keep yourself as disciplined as you possibly can. Specifically, have the discipline and courage to face the things that are not pleasant. We all like the fun and good things more than we like the boring and the bad.

Nobody likes to read their profit/loss data and the things that are related to it. This is something that has to be done, because doing so is only going to help you. Avoid keeping tabs in your head over the money you've lost or the profits that are down. Keep books that are both solid and 100% accurate so that you can better analyze the things that are happening within your business and take action. If you've been struggling, take comfort in the fact that you've taken a positive first step by reading this article. It shouldn't be too hard to identify patterns when you look critically at the chronic and inner struggles you've been dealing with. Those patterns will usually lead you right to the mirror because they reflect negative thoughts and behaviors.

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