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03 Oct 2013 18:42

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The things that go into opening your own business and earning money aren't usually the hardest parts of the project. For most individuals, the hardest part is going to be getting beyond the mental problems. You know, you've got more negative thoughts than you do positive thoughts, like if you have a loud voice of doubt.

You might lack the confidence that your business will be able to succeed. In a very real way, these are all thoughts that serve to sabotage your efforts. Figure out how to properly focus on what is actually positive—we all have our strengths.

A positive mindset is the foundation upon which you should build everything that you do in regard to your business. With that said, learn to frame anything perceived to be negative in positive terms. Typically, problems that are solved are negative when they arise. This is how most people look at them. Tackle the problem as needed and in due course, and then remember that every negative has a positive. Not only is this a principle of nature but it also applies to problems in business. When you search for a positive side of the negative, you'll grow and see things you would not have before. It's pretty much impossible to find a person who actually likes it when someone micro-manages them. It's even worse if the micro-manager is a self diagnosed "control freak." If this sounds familiar, you're wasting a whole lot of energy and time trying to bend everything to your will. First you have to figure out how to trust your employees and your managers and then you need to figure out how to delegate the things that you are able to delegate. You have more high-value tasks to be working on and that is how you need to spend your time. If you are managing things that could be managed by others, you will be operating at too low a level.

Properly managing your time is just about the best and most effective way to genuinely help yourself. And if you really want to be smart, you'll establish a program so your entire division or company learns to become more efficient. Basically, you can properly leverage the simplest time management techniques for keeping you on track every day. Never make the major mistake of assuming that you are already at the top of the efficiency hill just because you own your own business or are the top executive of your company. When you've never tried to find ways in which to improve here, that means that you can still improve there. Bring in a time management consultant and find out how inefficient you are. If you've been trying to figure out just where you should start building successful habits, it is with your awareness. Don't focus too much on negativity because that just gives it extra weight. You can, however, truly benefit from being aware of your own thoughts. You'll have to spend some time and effort on these things but it can be helpful in increasing your awareness. And, read materials like this one to help yourself pick the best place to get started.

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