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03 Oct 2013 14:34

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When you make the decision to be a solo entrepreneur, you are going to be faced with all sorts of challenges you haven't yet had to face or imagine. Even though a lot of people truly hate their jobs they do enjoy the security that comes with them. Along with other important things, if you are in it all alone you can't hold anybody else accountable for what goes on. That lack of support becomes far more important when it hits home that you and you alone are responsible for your income. This is a reality that most people aren't able to accept. So, hopefully you won't quit your day job just yet. Plan and prepare for it and then begin while you still have consistent income.

When you're working as a solo business person, it is very easy to dig a deep rut and stay there. As the only person in your business there is a lot that you know and a lot that you need to accomplish. Sooner or later you are going to need to work with other people. When you want to start a business and build it into something wonderful and important, you won't be able to do it all yourself. It also points to how valuable those relationships (the ones that get talked about all the time) are. The reason all of those people talk incessantly about relationships is because it is really important to make those connections. Check out your world and think about the people with whom you already interact and then reach out and make contact slowly with them.

It's typical for a solo entrepreneur to be very self motivated. This can be a virtue, but it can also lead you to become self sufficient to a fault. If you cling to this too much, you will never get more accomplished than what you can personally produce. The more successful your business becomes, the more you're going to have to depend on others for help. It's best to have hiring or outsourcing in your plans, as you want to be ready to take your business to the next level. Every entrepreneur has to compromise in this way, and recognize that he or she cannot do everything. And when it is time to outsource or hire someone, trust them enough so you're not wasting the day supervising them every moment.

Many entrepreneurs focus on building relationships with others in their industry, but not with their own customers. You have to be careful not to take your customers for granted. If you regularly ask for feedback from your customers, you will have a very helpful source of information. It's a good idea to make this a regular activity for your business. You have to give some careful thought to what you're going to ask your customers. You might ask multiple choice or yes or no questions to make it very easy for them. You can use this feedback to help you with your future products or services. Your customers might point out some area of your business that needs improving.

There are many successful habits of the solo entrepreneur that mirror those of successful business people. You have to be willing to constantly gather more information and ideas about how to run your business. There's also the need to put everything you learn into practice so you can see how well it works. Stay current about what's happening in your industry so you stay on the cutting edge.

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