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03 Oct 2013 11:26

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Operating your own business, even online, is not easy for most people. As a solo entrepreneur, you can't overlook anything and you can't look to others to tell you what to do. Don't fall into the habit of thinking about starting a business and never doing it. You have to start taking action steps, one at a time. You don't have to know everything to get started, so just proceed with one step at a time. What really counts is starting off with an optimistic frame of mind, and one that's open to learning. You'll find that learning comes quickly, and if something doesn't work you have to be ready to change course.

When you're working as a solo business person, it is very easy to dig a deep rut and stay there. After all, it's just you in your business, and maybe you know many things and can get things done. But eventually you'll need to find a few capacities in which you work with other people. You can't do everything yourself when the business you are building is one that you want to build up into something truly important. This also points to the value of relationships which gets talked about all the time. People who are "in the know" talk about the importance of the relationships a lot and they do this because relationships truly are important. Start looking around your world to see how many potential contacts you have and then reach out to make contact with them. Making the acquaintance of powerful or influential people in your line of business can be very helpful. Come up with a plan to meet and make yourself useful to someone like this in some way. One way to interact with people you want to meet is to attend events where you know they'll be present, such as conventions or business conferences. Some very well known people, however, are rather inaccessible to most of us. Don't expect to become this person's new best friend overnight; you have to build up a relationship with them gradually, even if it's on a forum or social network. Meeting even one such influential individual can have important consequences for your business.

Be selective about everything you do in your business and marketing choices. Obviously it doesn't hurt to listen to the things that other people are saying or to look into new marketing methods. Do not ever, though, decide upon a course of action simply because it's something that lots of other businesses are doing or talking about. If what you need are examples, look no further than social media like Twitter and Facebook. Social media is uber popular right now and a lot of businesses are hopping onto that crazy popular bandwagon. All it takes on five minutes on Facebook to see that most users aren't choosing to visit the site because they want to read ads. Research those methods that you know will be the most effective and you know how to learn or do and do them. When you're doing business solo style, don't forget that you should have a network of valuable contacts. It might feel uncomfortable to talk about people who are or aren't valuable. As a business person you just have to accept this fact so that you can make sure that you are using your time well. It's also important to note that this is how other business owners will view you as well. Before too long, you'll learn to tell the difference between business and personal endeavors. So be sure you maintain a healthy and proper perspective and that will help it all be much smoother.

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